Introduction to CliftonStrenghts

George Mason University uses CliftonStrengths to help students improve self-awareness, foster development and find direction.

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Take the CliftonStrengths Assessment

The assessment measures your natural patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving, so when you're done you'll have discovered your talents.

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Participate in a Workshop

Mason faculty and staff, certified in Strengths by Gallup, offer workshops for classes, student organizations, academic, and non-academic groups on all campuses.

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Understanding Your Strengths

I’ve taken the CliftonStrengths assessment. What's next?

Understanding your Strengths

Now that you have taken the CliftonStrengths Assessment and have your results, you have plenty of options to engage with this new learning.

Share your Strengths

We would love to hear how you are using your strengths to succeed in and out of school. Click here to share your story.

Meet the Team!

Strengths Academy & Student Strengths Team

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