About Strengths Academy


The Strengths Academy is part of Mason’s Well-Being University initiative, dedicated to ensuring Mason becomes a model well-being university where all community members are Thriving Together.

The vision of the Strengths Academy is to create and sustain a culture of strengths across the university. For the past 10 years, thousands of Mason students, faculty and staff have completed the Gallup Organization’s StrengthsFinder assessment. Many in the Mason community have also participated in workshops and courses designed to help improve personal and professional well-being by building on individual strengths. A number of Mason’s university-wide programs include a strengths-based focus:  Mason’s Leadership Legacy Program (faculty-staff leader development program), the Mason Institute for Leadership Excellence (executive education program), Human Resources and Payroll (workshops for faculty and staff), Mason Reads Program (new student orientation program), and LEAD (student leadership programs). In fall, 2014, Mason partnered with Gallup to offer all students, faculty, and staff  the opportunity to take the Gallup StrengthsFinder Assessment, free of charge. Those who complete the 20-minute assessment will identify their top five strengths and discover uncommon ways to apply those strengths in every day life.

Please see the documents below for instructions on taking the assessment.
Student Instructions Sheet

StrengthsQuest is an ongoing personalized action learning site designed for students. StrengthsQuest and StrengthsFinder are the same Gallup assessment.

Mason’s Strengths Academy includes faculty and staff who have received training to conduct workshops for student organizations and groups, departmental units, offices, programs, and classes. These workshops are free to Mason students and employees. The Strengths Academy’s mission is to create and sustain a culture of strengths throughout the university.

Strengths Technical Report

To learn more about the development and application of the StrengthsFinder assessment and read a summary of the psychometric information, please click here.

For more information about the StrengthsFinder, contact sfinder@gmu.edu.

Team Map

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“What will happen when we think about what is right with people rather than fixating on what is wrong with them?”

-Donald O. Clifton, former CEO of The Gallup Organization and author of Now, Discover Your Strengths.