Strengths Academy Coaches

Strengths workshops are facilitated by Mason faculty and staff who are certified in Strengths by The Gallup Organization. These facilitators are members of Mason’s Strengths Academy and can deliver workshops for classes, student organizations, academic, and non-academic groups on all campuses.

Strengths Academy Executive Team:

Dr. Pam Patterson - Associate VP - University Life
Dr. Nance Lucas - Executive Director of the Center for the Advancement of Well-Being
Shernita Rochelle Parker - Interim VP for HR

Strengths Academy Co-Chairs:

Juliet Blank-Godlove, Dean of Students
Lewis E. Forrest, II, Associate Dean University Life


Jessica M Adams
Patricia A Addison
Juliet M Blank
Deanna Busteed
Beth Cabrera
Amanda Caswell
Kathleen M. Clare
Deborah B Corbatto
Emilie B Dubert
Meggan C Ford
Sonya S Henry
Richard P Holt
Susan L Johnson
Alissa Karton
Nicholas Lennon
Lauren Long
Robyn Madar
Tera Monroe
Penny Potter
Jennifer W Robinson
Paul M Rogers
Mark Thurston
Martha H Wescoat-Andes