Strengths FAQ

Who do I contact if I want someone to do a group demo of how to access the StrengthsFinder?

As we adapt to constant change in the information age, it can certainly help to have someone walk you through the software and operating system. We do offer short demos, free of charge, for groups. In the 15-20 minute demo, we will cover how to login to the Strengths Finder Operating System, what your results will look like, and different features that the system offers to help you learn more and incorporate your strengths into everyday activities.

What is the StrengthsFinder?

The Clifton StrengthsFinder is a Web-based assessment of normal personality from the perspective of Positive Psychology. It is the first instrument of this type developed expressly for the Internet.

Over a secure connection, the Clifton StrengthsFinder presents 177 items to you. Each item consists of a pair of potential self-descriptors, such as “I read instructions carefully” versus “I like to jump right into things.”

The descriptors are placed as if anchoring polar ends of a continuum. You are then asked to choose the descriptor that best describes you, and to identify the extent to which that chosen option is descriptive of you.

You are given 20 seconds to respond to a given pair of descriptors before the assessment automatically presents the next pair.

What is a strength?

Gallup defines a strength as the ability to consistently provide near-perfect performance in a specific activity. The key to building a strength is to identify your dominant talents, then complement them by acquiring knowledge and skills pertinent to the activity.

What do I do if I’ve lost/forgotten my username or password?

Using our Account Assistance page, you can have your account information sent to you via email. To access the Account Assistance page and retrieve your account information, follow these steps:

  1. On the Sign In page, Click Forgot username/password.
  2. On the Account Assistance Page, enter your email address, then click Continue.
  3. You will receive an email from containing the username for each account associated with the email address you provided. NOTE: If no accounts are associated with the email address you provided, the Account Assistance page will display an error message to indicate this.
  4. Follow the instructions in the email to create a new password for the account you want to use. After creating a new password, you can use the username and new password to sign in to your account.

I never got my account activation email to log in to the Strengths page, what do I do?

Before trying anything else, log in to your GMU email address you used to setup the account. From here, check the “junk email” folder just in case it may have gotten stuck. If you cannot find it there, then go to the sign in page. From here, click on the link to request an account activation email. This should help resend the activation link which must be accessed within 48 hours or it will no longer work. If this doesn’t work, you can contact Gallup either by this virtual form, or call them at 1-888-332-9454 (6 p.m. CST Sunday through 5 p.m. CST Friday).

I’ve already taken the StrengthsFinder. What do I do next?

Great question! We’ve posted a Resources page to help you/your group dig deeper into strengths. Feel free to use any or all of our resources to continue the conversation and move forward in projects by using your strengths. We do offer a workshop, free of charge, where Mason staff/faculty certified by Gallup will facilitate some of these activities. Please note that if you are scheduling a workshop, you must put your request in at least two weeks ahead of the planned date. We do this in order to be able to arrange the facilitation logistics–time, place, facilitator, resources requested, etc.

What if I have more questions that are not listed here?

If you have more questions, please contact us at