Strengths Resources

To continue the conversations around strengths, here are a few resources:

I’ve Taken Strengths, Now What

A regularly updated page with ideas to engage with strengths around campus.

The Genius and Beauty of Strengths

A great resource explaining the genius behind each of the 34 strengths.

Driving Engagement by Focusing on Strengths

An detailed article linking strengths to improved engagement in organizations.

Finding Your Leadership Strengths

This article discusses the positive impacts of being self-aware of your strengths as a leader.

Getting the Most out of Your Clifton StrengthsFinder Report

A worksheet/template to help you continue reflecting on your StrengthsFinder Report.

Strengths: A Global Language

This article helps convey the benefits of developing strengths as an effective language within our personal communities.

The Clifton StrengthsFinder and Student Strengths Development

A comprehensive research article detailing the impact of strengths in academic settings.

The Strengths of Leadership

An interview article about the benefits of leading using a strengths-based approach.

Why Partners Need Complementary Strengths

An article detailing the power of joining together complementary strengths in relationships.

Strengths Foam Boards 8×6

A template to use for developing Strengths boards to post around dorms, offices, etc.

Team Talent Map

A paper template to use for mapping team strengths.

Balconies and Basements

A worksheet template to examine the high points and low points of a talent.