StrengthsQuest is a great tool to discover more about yourself and to leverage your talents during your time here at Mason.

StrengthsQuest provides…

  • A way to meet others.
    Many students have taken the strengths assessment, so it is a great way to strike up a conversation with other students, faculty and staff.
  • A common language.
    Share your talent themes with others including students, advisers, mentors and potential employers. Being able to describe your experiences is important, and strengths can make it easier to relate.
  • The power to create your unique college experience.
    By focusing on what you do well, you can create and fine-tune your Patriot experience.
  • A tool to leverage your strengths to overcome challenges.
    A strengths-focus does not mean that you ignore your weaknesses. Rather, you can leverage your strengths to address challenges you may encounter. How can you utilize your strengths to overcome obstacles?

Through a strengths-based approach, you can do what you do best every day.

You will find many areas on campus that utilize a strengths-based approach, including:

  • Residence hall living
  • Career counseling
  • Academic advising
  • Classroom experiences
  • Student organizations and leadership development

Each of these areas approach strengths in their own way to help you develop and maximize your academic, personal and leadership development.