Well-Being Day

by Whitney Hopler, Communications Director

Well-Being Day – Wednesday, April 25 from 12 noon to 4 p.m. in the Hub on the main floor – will feature a diverse variety of well-being practices for the Mason community to try. Well-Being Team and Strengths at Mason Team students have worked together to plan this Spring into Well-Being event.

“Well-Being Day will be set up in a carnival-like way with tables and activities all over,” said Aya Abdel-Kader, Education Vice Chair for the Well-Being Team, who is majoring in Community Health and minoring in Health Communication.  She added that the day’s activities are designed to cover all the different domains of well-being.

The day’s diverse activities will include music, food, yoga, Strengths learning, mural painting, massage chairs, and intention setting. “We will have a Passport to Well-Being, and when you fill it with five stamps, you can exchange it for a Well-Being Day t-shirt,” said Jena Chalmers, Well-Being Team Chair, who is majoring in Biology.

A variety of campus organizations (such as our center, University Life, Counseling and Psychological Services, the Student Support and Advocacy Center, and Agora) will share well-being resources on the day, as well.

“My favorite activity that we are offering this year is a chance to set an intention at the end of your experience at Well-Being Day,” Chalmers said. “The whole purpose of this day is to get students thinking about well-being and how they can incorporate well-being practices into their daily lives. After having fun, relaxing, and learning about their resources, they will be able to write down a commitment they want to make to themselves moving forward. They can even ‘set it in stone’ by painting an intention rock with a word that reminds them of their commitment. This experience is really cool because it will give everyone a chance to take something really meaningful from the event.”

People who participate in Well-Being Day can learn how easy it can be to incorporate well-being practices into their lives once they discover what works best for them. “The goal of this year’s Well-Being Day is to introduce to students the idea that to practice well-being does not necessarily mean that they have to do elaborate, lengthy practices every day,” Abdel-Kader said. “They could be doing well-being practices all the time but just don’t know it. An example is hanging out with friends and having somewhat deep and meaningful conversations from time to time that actually increase their social well-being. Or taking a few minutes out of the day to draw or color is yet another way they are increasing their well-being (psychologically). Managing their finances by saving or setting a budget is also a means of increasing well-being (financially) because people cannot be well when they know they don’t have enough money or are in debt.”

Well-Being Day will be held at an especially busy time of year at Mason, when the spring semester is in full swing. So the break it offers is especially vital for people studying and working at Mason. “This is a busy time of year,” Chalmers said, “which means now more than ever, we need to remember how important it is to take care of our minds and bodies. Come take a break from your studies and enjoy!”